Companion Diagnostics

Companion diagnostic kits for Oncomatryx Precision Drugs

Oncomatryx is developing Companion Diagnostic kits, to select and monitor the patients to be treated with Oncomatryx stroma-targeted precision drugs.


Oncomatryx is developing immunohistochemistry-and ELISA- based devices, to detect Oncomatryx therapeutical target proteins, MTX5 and MTX3, in tumor biopsies and serum samples.
These devices will guide the selection and monitoring of patients to be treated with Oncomatryx ADCs.

Oncomatryx has generated proprietary monoclonal antibodies to detect MTX5 and MTX3. Oncoomatryx is developing IHC kits and ELISA kits to detect MTX5 in tumor biopsies and serum samples, as accurate tools for patient identification, stratification and treatment monitoring.

Oncomatryx has also developed and validated Q-PCR primers and protocols, to measure both human and murine MTX5 gene expression in tumor-associated stroma samples, for patient selection and stratification and later monitoring.

In addition to already developed protocols for MTX5 mRNA and protein expression in tissue and blood, comparative genome and proteome expression studies between pancreatic cancer patient-derived xenograft mice models with different drug response levels, are ongoing, to identify biomarkers for further patient selection and monitorization of MTX5-ADC treatment.

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