Companion Diagnostics

Companion diagnostic kits for Oncomatryx Precision Drugs

Oncomatryx is developing Companion Diagnostic kits, to select and monitor the patients to be treated with Oncomatryx stroma-targeted precision drugs.

This devices are immunohistochemistry-and ELISA- based, and allow the detection of Oncomatryx therapeutic target proteins, FAPα and ENG, in tumor biopsies and blood samples. For their development, Oncomatryx has generated proprietary monoclonal antibodies that detect the target proteins in human samples.

These devices will guide the selection, stratification and later monitoring of patients to be treated with Oncomatryx ADCs.COMPANION

Oncomatryx has also developed and validated Q-PCR primers and protocols, to measure both human and murine FAPα gene expression in tumor-associated stroma samples,

In addition to already developed protocols for FAPα mRNA and protein expression in tissue and blood, comparative genome and proteome expression studies between pancreatic cancer patient-derived xenograft mice models with different drug response levels, are ongoing, to identify biomarkers for further patient selection and monitorization of FAPα -ADC treatment.

Oncomatryx is also developing COL11A1 based companion diagnostic tools. ELISA and RT-PCR systems are under validation in order to detect COL11A1 in plasma and serum samples. These kits will aid treatment selection for patients with different tumors, help monitoring treatment efficacy and facilitate  early recurrence detection.

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