705 (FAP targeted ADC)

OMTX705, a Novel FAP-Targeting ADC Demonstrates Activity in Chemotherapy and Pembrolizumab-Resistant Solid Tumor Models..Fabre M. et al. Clinical Cancer Research 2020; Jul 1;26(13):3420-3430

703 (ENG targeted ADC)

Preclinical Efficacy of Endoglin-Targeting Antibody–Drug Conjugates for the Treatment of Ewing Sarcoma..Puerto-Camacho P. et al. Clinical Cancer Research 2019; Apr 1;25(7):2228-2240


Overexpression of α1 chain of type XI collagen (COL11A1) aids in the diagnosis of invasive carcinoma in endoscopically removed malignant colorectal polyps. Zhang D. et al. Pathology Research and Practice 2016; 212:545-548

Collagen Type XI Alpha 1 Expression in Intraductal Papillomas Predicts Malignant Recurrence. Freire J. et al. BioMed Research International 2015; 2015:812027

COL11A1/(pro)collagen 11A1 expression is a remarkable biomarker of human invasive carcinoma-associated stromal cells and carcinoma progression.Vázquez-Villa F. et al. Tumor Biology 2015; 36(4):2213-22

Overexpression of proCOL11A1 as a stromal marker of breast cancer. Fuentes-Martínez N. et al. Histol Histopathol 2015; 30(1):87-93

Validation of COL11A1/procollagen 11A1 expression in TGF-β1-activated immortalised human mesenchymal cells and in stromal cells of human colon adenocarcinoma. Galván JA. et al. BMC Cancer 2014; 14:867

Collagen, type XI, alpha 1: an accurate marker for differential diagnosis of breast carcinoma invasiveness in core needle biopsies. Freire J. et al. Pathology Research and Practice 2014; 210(12): 879-884

A collagen-remodeling gene signature regulated by TGF-β signaling is associated with metastasis and poor survival in serous ovarian cancer. Cheon DJ. et al. Clinical Cancer Research 2014; 20(3):711-23

Overexpression of COL11A1 by Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts: Clinical Relevance of a Stromal Marker in Pancreatic Cancer. García-Pravia C. et al. PLoS ONE 2013; 8(10)1-13

Characterization of a novel mouse monoclonal antibody, clone 1E8.33, highly specific for human procollagen 11A1, a tumor-associated stromal component. García-Ocaña M. et al. International Journal of Oncology 2012; 40(5):1447-1454


Targeting the extracellular domain of fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 with human single-chain Fv antibodies inhibits bladder carcinoma cell line proliferation. Martínez-Torrecuadrada JM. et al. Clinical Cancer Research 2005; 11(17):6280-90

Fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 is overexpressed in urinary tract carcinomas and modulates the neoplastic cell growth. Gómez-Román J. et al. Clinical Cancer Research 2005; 11:459-465

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